MBA Europe

MBA Europe programs are offered through a number of schools located in nations such as France, Switzerland, and Great Britain. These programs are ideal for students who wish to obtain careers with a global perspective. MBA Europe degree programs typically prepare individuals for the experience of traveling and working with fellow businessmen residing in international locations. A European Master of Business Administration program, whether delivered online or on campus, differs somewhat from US MBA programs:

–MBA Europe programs are typically shorter in duration than MBA programs offered through US colleges and universities. Most European graduate business students complete an MBA degree program between 10 months’ and two years’ time. European programs are also geared toward smaller classroom environments than those based in the United States.

–The majority of students who enroll in MBA Europe programs are older than their US counterparts and more experienced in the workplace. The coursework involved in a European MBA program typically centers on global concepts of management, finance, marketing, and human resources. European graduates of MBA programs are highly likely to participate in international travel as part of their profession.

–MBA Europe degree programs often involve international exchange opportunities, during which students fulfill their course requirements through brief residencies in countries different from their own. This experience broadens the MBA student’s cultural horizons and provides valuable knowledge of global business policies.

–In some ways, MBA Europe programs are similar to US MBA programs. Both require students to hold an undergraduate degree and to submit GMAT scores.

Summary: MBA Europe degree programs offer opportunities and experiences that vary somewhat from those of most US-based schools. European students are highly exposed to the global business climate.

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