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Top Online MBA Schools

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Professionals in the business field who want to earn a Master of Business Administration degree through a distance-learning program should aim to apply to the top online MBA schools.  Though the criteria used to determine which online schools offer the best MBA programs can vary among researchers, these top-ranked programs all share a few common factors.  The following top online MBA schools have accreditation through AACSB and are highly regarded by employers:

–The MBA Anywhere program, offered through the LeBow College of Business at Drexel University, is among the top online MBA schools in the United States.  Students who apply to this program must score a minimum of 570 on the GMAT and must also submit two recommendation letters, an essay, a resume, college or university transcripts, and proof of an accredited Bachelor degree.  The MBA Anywhere program prepares students for leadership roles in their careers.

–The University of Colorado at Denver is also widely considered to be one of the top online MBA schools.  Applicants to this program need to attain an average score of 560 on the GMAT, need to submit academic records, and must hold an accredited undergraduate degree.  This online MBA program allows students to specialize in areas such as Business Strategy, Finance, and Services Management.

–Another of the top online MBA schools, the University of Houston at Victoria, offers the Strategic MBA online program.  The strengths of this program, which include flexible scheduling and a diverse curriculum, contribute to UHV’s ranking as one of the top online MBA schools.

Summary:  Though many online MBA programs are available, career-driven students often wish to apply to the top online MBA schools.  These three schools are among those with a solid academic reputation.