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Online vs. Traditional MBAs

Monday, August 31st, 2009

The topic of online vs. traditional MBAs is one that often leads graduate school applicants to wonder which type of program is superior in terms of increasing future job prospects.  The fact is, whether a student chooses to enroll in a traditional or online-based MBA program, he or she will generally have access to employment opportunities with similar descriptions and salary ranges.  The main differences in online vs. traditional MBAs include the following:

–When considering online vs. traditional MBAs, potential students must keep in mind that campus-based programs are typically less flexible than online courses.  People who work a full-time job may face difficulty in attending daytime courses through a traditional MBA program, while online students can often complete the necessary coursework on their own time.

–Online vs. traditional MBAs also vary in regard to the type of student who is best suited for each format.  While online graduate business programs offer a greater degree of convenience and accessibility, students who select this route when earning an MBA must be motivated, self-disciplined, and capable of working independentlyTraditional programs are more rigorous in structure.

–Another factor to weigh when questioning online vs. traditional MBAs is the type of interaction with teachers and peers that a student prefersTraditional MBA programs allow students to meet face-to-face with others during lectures and exams, while online MBA degree courses involve virtual conversations and discussions.

–Online vs. traditional MBAs may involve varied costs for course materials and tuition as well. Usually online study is much cheaper than the traditional class based courses.