1 Year MBA

Have your MBA degree in a shorter period and be ready to be on the field.

Having a good education promises brighter future for anyone of us. As we are young we should set our goals and be motivated by that. All persons have goals and their own ways in reaching for that. If you are dreaming of someday being a manager of your own business or of a company, a BBA in a bschool for you college degree would be a wise decision. However, a college degree is not enough to reach for your dream job, you have to study further, learn more and be trained for advance skills. As an aspiring manager, an MBA degree is very important to you, individuals with an MBA degree are in demand worldwide. You have many options if you want to pursue an MBA degree, usually the full-time programme for an MBA is 2-3 years, for a special program there is a 1 year MBA available for qualified students.

To be qualified for a 1 year MBA, schools differ in their qualifications, but more often than not they accept students who already have years of experience in business or those who studied other programs relating to business and with a higher intellectual capacity. In HULT business school, they offer top-ranked 1 year MBA program, getting your degree on the school is a good move to boost up your career. Hult has established a prominent reputation around the globe, making leaders with great capabilities.

Anywhere you may be, you can find a right school for you. There are schools offering an MBA program in India, a lot of Indian students have been storming different business schools across the globe, so their schools were making the best efforts so that their students will not have to go to foreign countries. International students are seeking place in the business world, ethnicity, race, or nationality does not matter anymore because it is the capacity of the individual to lead is the main consideration for a company to hire their managers.

If you are still on the process of choosing your school, you could always consult the internet for available MBA program that suits your needs. MBA degrees can be attained via a regular enrollment or through an online program. Schools and Universities are making ways in accommodating the booming number of students who want to have an MBA degree. Although getting an MBA degree in top business schools are quite expensive but you are actually investing for the future. If ever you were able to acquire an MBA degree from a reputable school, you have a security that a job is waiting for you. A 1 year MBA is obviously shorter but it does not mean that the quality of education the student will receive is reduced, it is not. The 1 year program is specially designed to students who have greater capacity in learning about business. The qualification for the program strongly suggests that you must have experience with business. With this, you have a deeper appreciation in the business processes and you can understand better.

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